❤️ My Pamper Routine 2019 | Weekly Self-care Routine-Indian (Hindi) | Akansha Diaries

❤️ THEME : My Pamper Routine 2019 | Every Weekend Self-care Routine-Indian (Hindi) | Akansha Diaries

❤️ Hey Guys,
In today’s video, I’m sharing my weekly Pamper/Self-care routine. I never realized the importance of pamper routine until I started working on myself and started taking care of my mind, body and soul. For me, pampering is a form of self-respect and self-confidence.
I keep changing the way I pamper myself, so in this video I have shared my current pamper routine.

❤️ This is Akansha. I am working as a Fitness Consultant and a youtuber alongside. This channel is all about achieving a healthy lifestyle, having a good work-life balance, good relation with food and be the best version of us.
I am a big foodie and through our channel, want to spread out awareness on achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle without compromising on your choices.

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