Coffin-Shaped EVERYTHING! Coffins on Parade! Gothic Homemaking Presents

In this episode I take you on a tour of all of the different coffin shaped things I’ve picked up along the way, making this crazy show! Below are links to where you can get some of your own. Sorry, the coffins I sell at shows are not available online, only at the shows and I have them in stock.

See the coffin-shaped armoire come together in
Gothic Homemaking episode 6: Wardrobre of the Damned part 2:

See the Target Halloween items from 2017 in my Halloween Haul of that year here:

That glass coffin from JoAnn Fabrics can be seen in my JoAnn 2018 Halloween Haul here:

See the La Fermme en Noir coffins sunglass case here:

A selection of spooky hot sauces are ready to please and torture your tongue at

Learn how to make Gothic Matchboxs here:

You can sometimes find small black wooden coffins at my friend’s Etsy shop:

The Curiosities store in Dallas where I found those bats in glass coffins can be found here:

The Etsy store where I found the Spide Web Coffin shelf can be found here:

This it the Etsy store of the guy who makes the Miniature Coffin shaped boxes

Coffin Shaped mirrored wall sconce lamp was made by Grave Designs Co:

You’ll find the Coffin Shaped Bathtub Caddy here:

If you’re ever in Mexico City and want to check out a great death rock night, try El Real Under here:

The Coffin Shaped cabinet, I got from Vittra Shop in Mexico:

Find art supplies and other Gothic Homemaking things here:

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