Zero Waste Period Products & My Favorite Low Waste Buys from Bring Your Own Long Beach | Alli Cherry

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The questions I answer in this zero waste q&a are:

1. Have you ever used reusable pads? If so, what brands do you recommend?
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LilyCup Compact:

2. What are your favorite products from BYO?
Savon de Marseille Soap:
Natural Fiber Scrub Brush (Vegan-Friendly):
Bulk Organic Jojoba Oil (not available online)

I know I mentioned this in the video, but just to reiterate, I’m not 100% zero waste. I’m just sharing my experience in this series in hopes that it will help you on your journey! We are all imperfect and that’s 100% ok!
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Hi, my name is Alli Cherry, I’m a content creator based in Orange County, CA with a passion for natural living, attainable sustainability, and personal style. You can find me at home testing vegan recipes, weaving the aisles of my hometown flea market, or beach camping with my husband, Nick! We’ve been married since 2013 and enjoy living simply and surrounding ourselves with family and friends.

The through-line of all my creative endeavors during this time has been the simple concept of living gently with myself, with the planet, and with others. Whether it’s reducing my waste on a road trip, practicing minimalism at home, plant-based eating, or essential oil DIYs — everything comes back to what’s sustainable for myself and our planet. The community I’ve found on YouTube and Instagram is so inspiring, they’ve become places of empowerment and encouragement where I can share my journey and learn from other like-minded people all over the world.


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