Messy Beach Wave Tutuorial

Hi y’all! I am so happy to be back on youtube! Have had a lot going on that I will catch you up on. I asked about what videos you wanted first and hair was the first one, which is why I decided to do this one!

I have been doing it a bit more relaxed style with some more affordable hair products!! I spend a lot on my tools so wanted the products to be more affordable! Thats why this is a super easy tutorial to achieve, with using under 5 styling products and also keep your hair healthy which is key! I hope you love and check below for the products I used.

Hair Turban-

Unite 7 seconds Detangler-

Healium Hair Air whip Mousse-
Also, Healium right now has 15% off site with code “hair”

T3 Cura Hair Dryer-

GHD Curling Iron 1.25 –

Wet Brush-

Incommon Beauty Elixir-

Healium Fibre Flex –

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