Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Review ☕️ This Tea is HOT ☕️+ Morphe Lipstick Comparison. SHOCKING !!!

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Just quickly. Please excuse the screen cracks on some clips lol I filmed the clips off a different phone which had a cracked screen. It was the only way I could do it sorry. I hope it’s not too distracting.

Welcome to my video …..

So when someone said Jaclyn hills coat had images embedded I decided to take a look.
I couldn’t see it at first but then I could see it.

If you can’t see it. Screen shot her brand release promo pics from her insta page
Open the pic on your phone and use the photo album edit tool
Rotate the pic and look from every angle

Pictures. Faces. Numbers. Letters. Currency symbols. Words.
What the hell is this?
Why is she doing that to people ?
Targeting people sublim-in ally ??? Who knows

Anyway I digress…..

Some said her lipstick launch is just morphe rebranded.
So I trawled all her old favourites videos

Finally stumbled across a video showing her favourite morphe lipstick

The shade is called FLIRT

next I decided to compare the said lipstick
To swatches she did on her skin

Comparing them to the swatches of her new collection

Did any look similar?
Is Jaclyn trying to fool people into thinking she created a new lipstick formula?

Or is Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Simply cloaking itself behind morphe ? Trying to mislead the public ?

Watch the video to find out my thoughts.

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Videos : Jaclyn Hills YouTube page
Picture of Jaclyn in the pvc coat : Jaclyn hills Instagram page.


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