popular aesthetic background music/audios 2019 ༄˚✧

hiii! put together this little audio pack for you to use in your instagram edits, tumblr edits, vlogs, or for anything! i hope y’all enjoy 🙂

DISCLAIMER: i do not own nor did i create any of the music used in this video. all credits given to the responsible owners.

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enjoy this compilation of audios for videos edits, video editing, vine edits, vine editing, mashups, remixes, and more.

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✩my favorite youtubers✩
emma johansson, marla catherine, summer mckeen, sophia pruett, emma chamberlain, hannah meloche, alisha marie, adelaine morin, missremiashten, shelby church, cole and sav, holly freeman, ellie thumann and moreee 🙂

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