Happy-Beginner Friendly-CLOSED-READ PINNED COMMENT-Backups open-11/35 done-A Joyful Warrior Cat Map

Sooooo…. my first MAP! I am so excited! Anyways, on to the rules…

No cutoff’s!
No gore or blood or sadness!
That also means nothing inappropriate
This is a happy MAP! Make your part about a happy time in a cats life like becoming a warrior, apprentice, deputy etc. You could also do something like meeting there friends or kits
More than one person can do one thing, but I would like for no more than 3 people to do one thing.
Watermarks are aloud!
THIS IS BEGINNER FRIENDLY, although, anyone can join
I will most likely except everyone!
You must tell me which part you want, what cat or cats you will be doing, and what time in their life! This is the code word!
You have a month to do your part, but I can give up to one month more of an extension!
Please make the parts as well timed as you can!
This is AMV or PMV
You can have up to four parts, but only two at a time! (This rule can change)
If you are confused, PLEASE feel free to ask questions, I understand, I get confused sometimes too
This is not a spoof MAP, BUT please add some silly parts, it is not all serious
This is SUPER important, this can only be about things from the 1-3 series and maybe the 4th!
Also, someone asked about audio, I really don’t care what the sound is because I do the final sound

😃 Done
😪 Due Soon
🙃Seen WIP

Intro: Seanima (Rusty/Firepaw meeting Graypaw)😃
1:Kitten Warrior Cats (Firepaw and Yellowfang spending time together)
2:Doverose (Hollyleaf returns to ThunderClan)
3: Jake’s Animations (Alderheart and Needletail having Violetkit and Twigkit meet)
4: Avocadotothpass. (Mothwing and Leafpool playing in the river)😃
5: Avocadotothpass. (Mothwing and Leafpool playing in the river)😃
6:Seanima (Squirrelpaw playing with Brambleclaw, Stormfur, and Feathertail etc.)
7: shook foo (Swiftpaw and Brightpaw)😃
8: Justtryin Studios (Yellowfang and Cinderheart in medicine den)
9:Justtryin Studios (Yellowfang and Cinderheart In medicine den)
10: shook foo (Briarlight and Jayfeather)😃
11: Bumblestripe lover (Sorreltail and Brackenfur watching their kits)😃
12:marswaterr (Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit becoming apprentices)😃
13: Noa F (Cinderheart and Lionblaze playing)
14: Greyriver0 (Lionblaze and Dovepaw hunting)
15: Leopardsoul Warriors (Heatherpaw and Lionpaw playing in the caves)
16:Leopardsoul Warriors (Heatherpaw and Lionpaw playing in the caves)
17:Donna The Artist (Lionpaw and Heatherpaw play together)😃
18: Sewing Machine (Barley and Ravenpaw in the barn)
19: Sewing Machine (Barley and Ravenpaw in the barn)
20:Fnaf Fan (Talltail and Jake hanging out at Twoleg place)
21: Shinko Nuki (Sorreltail and Brackenfur having kits)
22: Kanna Joseph and all emo bands (Firestar and Sandstorm chilling)
23: Fanjee (Lostface being renamed to Brightheart by Firestar)
24: Kanna Joseph and all emo bands (Firestar becoming leader)
25:marswaterr (Hollyleaf and Cinderheart hanging out)
26:cot wolf (Crowfeather and Leafpool)😃
27:cot wolf (Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw)😃
28:Raimaywing (Squirrelflight bringing Lionkit, Hollykit, and Jaykit to Brambleclaw)😃
29: IzzyTube (Ivykit and Dovekit playing)😃
30: Lasagna (Ivykit and Dovekit dancing together)
31: Ginger Mits (Graypaw and Firepaw playing)
32: Blazing Storm (Bluefur and Oakheart by the lake)🙃
33: Bluestreak Blazes (Firestar getting his nine lives)
34: Angle Tiger (Cats in Starclan)
35: Creek owo (Tallstar/tail running through the woods with Jake)
Ending: Seanima (Cinderpaw becoming a apprentice, to become a warrior)

(Unlimited) Backups:
Lps Warrior Caroline YT (VioletShine finding out she is having kits)

Song: Happy
Artist: Pharrell Williams

I am NOT making money off of this and Pharrell Williams has full credit of the audio!

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