9 Pulse Points Assessment on the Body Nursing – Anatomy and Physiology

The nine pulse points on the body are important to learn as a nurse or healthcare professional. You’ll be using many of these common pulse points during your assessments, such as the head-to-toe assessment.

In this video, you’ll learn the locations and landmarks of nine different pulse points. In addition, you’ll learn information you’ll need to document while assessing the pulse point locations, including the pulse rhythm, strength, and pulse rate.

Here are the nine pulse points covered in this video:

-Temporal Pulse Point Assessment (temporal artery near ear and temples)
-Carotid Pulse Point Assessment (carotid artery on neck)
-Apical Pulse Point Assessment (apex of the heart)
-Brachial Pulse Point Assessment (brachial artery in arm)
-Radial Pulse Point Assessment (near the wrist and thumb)
-Femoral Pulse Point Assessment (near crease of upper leg)
-Popliteal Pulse Point Assessment (behind the knee)
-Dorsalis Pedis Pulse Point Assessment (top of foot)
-Posterior Tibial Pulse Point Assessment (inside of ankle region)

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