my current/summer playlist 2019

here’s my current summer playlist for 2019 ! hope u like itttttt


music used:
mask off – lamia
jinsang – egyptian pools
omg – camila cabello

sub count: 4,494

s o c i a l m e d i a
⟡ twitter: thataintmel
⟡ instagram: thataintmel
⟡ spotify: marianaahac
⟡ apple music: marianacc
⟡ tumblr: waitinfxryou
⟡ pinterest: marianahacc
⟡ snapchat: marianahac
⟡ we heart it: waitinfxryou
⟡ tvtime: marianahc
⟡ vsco: marianahac

a b o u t m e
⟡ my name isn’t mel or melanie orrrr wtv it’s mariana (long story)(or not)
⟡ i’m 16 yrs old
⟡ i’m from portugal
⟡ i have A LOT of favorite youtubers but let’s go with ellie thumann, kian and jc, hannah meloche, ava jules, emma, olivia jade.. and many more

e q u i p m e n t
⟡ camera: nikon d5200 w kit kens
⟡ editor: final cut pro x

business inquiries: [email protected]

!! this video isn’t sponsored !!

!! I do not own any rights for these songs, all credits to the owners !!

☽ ☽ ☽ ☽

if you’re reading this i hope you had an awesome day !! if things are not at its best, they will some day, be patient & stay amazing sis

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