Pete the Cat Head To Toe

Your child is about to start an exciting adventure. He or she is going to learn to read. The Pete the Cat phonics includes 12 video/storybooks planned by a phonics expert. The video/books are intended for children to listen and then they can turn off the volume and read themselves.

The Pete the Cat phonics introduces long and short vowel sounds. One of the key components in becoming a fluent reader is practice, so this set features one book for each sound, plus 2 books that reinforce all the short vowel sounds and all the long vowel sounds. Learning to read short and long vowels is rewarding because they are found everywhere!

Fun Pete the Cat words have been included to make the stories rich and enjoyable.

The stories also include site words. These are words frequently found in books that can be hard to sound out. They just need to be learned by sight!

Picture clues support the text in each story and help children learn new words.

As children master the sounds and words, they will gain experience and confidence in their ability to understand sounds, sound out words, and read!

We hope that you and your child enjoy the Pete the Cat phonics video/books and that it is the start of many happy reading adventures.

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Here in this YouTube channel “simicrane” we believe in the power of reading and education for the young minds.

We believe in making something wonderful and put it out there for everyone to see.

We never get to meet our viewers but somehow in the act of making something with a great deal of care and love… something is transmitted there. This is a way of expressing ourselves to our viewers our deep appreciation.

We need to be true to who we are and remember what is important to us. Putting great children’s videos is our passion. This is what is going to keep simicrane, simicrane. Thank you.

Top Ten Reasons to Read to Your Child
1. When you hold them and give them this attention, they know you love them.
2. Reading to your children will encourage them to become readers.
3. Your child will be more successful in school.
4. Children’s book illustrations are often marvelous, encouraging a life-long interest in art.
5. Books are a way of passing good values and beliefs on to our children.
6. Until they learn to read themselves, they will think you are magic!
7. Every teacher your children ever encounter will thank and bless you.
8. Children’s books today are so good that they’re fun for adults too.
9. You give and receive a gift of comfort, relaxation and closeness.
10. If you read to your kids, maybe afterward they’ll even let you read in peace.

5 Ways to Get Your Child to Read
1. Let your child see you read.
2. Make reading for pleasure part of your daily routine.
3. Make books available to your child.
4. Talk about books with your child.
5. Take your child to the public library on a regular basis.

Read to your child every day and when you can’t let them watch YouTube Channel “simicrane.”

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