|:| Walls Could Talk |:| 2-Week PMV MEP [Open]

Wellcome to an edgy map :3c

Difficulty – 7/10


-1- this is PMV not AMV, here’s a thick line between the two. PMV = Picture Music Video. AMV = Animated Music Video.

-2- I want a lot of glitchy effects, shaky effects, flashing lights, all that’s good stuff, but don’t over use them. Here’s an example: https://youtu.be/6b-lX1Tja1s

-3- If you have a part with a swear, don’t censor it. If you wanna censor it. Don’t take the part. Simple as that.

-4- d add your personal Water-Mark at the bottom right side of the screen, I REPEAT BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE PLEASE.

-5- Add the lyrics please. I don’t care what font you use as long as it’s not super soft and nice.
Here’s the lyric video: https://youtu.be/XjkrV9O_C2w.

-6- You don’t have to light and shade it but I will be very happy if you do.

-7- this is a 2-Week map. That means you will have 2 Weeks to finish. Don’t stress though, if you can’t finish in time I’ll be happy to give you a 5 day extension. But any more extensions at that point I’ll be a little impatient.

-8- Please put effort into your backgrounds. I don’t want just a thick line of neon green for grass and another one for the sky. Please. If you need help for backgrounds use references, It helps.

-9- to join the MAP, you have to tell me your storyboard idea.

-10- when your done your part, post it and link it to me in the comment section.

-11- Gore is allowed, I actually want gore, but only during the intense part of the song.

-12- no nudity please. I don’t wanna be demonetized…. Please.

-13- You must have 7 months+ of editing experience and at least 1+ year of drawing experience. If you have less experience then that, I might still let you in though. But it depends.

-14- Since this is an editing MEP I’ll let the KineMaster watermark slide since a lot of people use it, but only KineMaster and FlipaClip watermarks are allowed.


Intro: I’ll take care of this.
3: Unknown Loviii 🌳
5: Smokepelt Warriors
6: LemonadeSlushies 🌵🌱
9: SnazzyCrackers
10: Bark of Milo 🌳
18: SnazzyCrackers
20: Savienne Mitchell
21: CelestialValerye

Seen WIP:🌱

Backups: Unlimited


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