World Burn – Warrior Cats MAP Part

This part was done in collaboration with my sister Feli who did the other half of it which you can watch here:
Thank you so much for helping me out!

finally its done! im glad i have something to upload, its been like 8 months since my last map part which is way too long
so yeah uh warrior cats! i only read the first arc (and the first book of the second arc) so i have no idea who these characters really are but i still had fun animating them and since i was given a script and designs so it was fine!

anyway my pc cant play audio anymore so i did this by trusting my storyboard that i made when it still worked,, i will buy a laptop this year for animation school so ill be able to work on parts again in like 1.5 months when school starts oops 🙁

hope you enjoyed this 🙂

Song: World burn from the Mean Girls musical

I do not own this song and do not claim it as my own.
Frames drawn in FireAlpaca
Composed in Toon Boom Studio 8.0
If edited: Camtasia Studio

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