#SailorNeptune CMV | Cosplay Music Video

this was a headache to edit! but so worth it. it’s my first CMV and i hope to have more in the future.
audio: i mixed it myself!! the outer senshi’s theme with some additional flair. full track is here: https://youtu.be/paWEQisp14g

for my birthday, i didn’t do anything fancy, but i did gift myself a new cosplay; the Senshi Guardian of the Deep Blue Sea, Sailor Neptune. honestly, this was a whim. i told myself that i was taking a break but got suddenly inspired. this cosplay was made at a whirlwind speed. 10 days. the one cheat was the base bodysuit i re-used from my Sailor Moon. everything else was done from scratch outside of the wig, which was originally a platinum blonde unit that i custom dyed, and the shoes, which were purchased gently used from Poshmark. (the exact name/style is “Meredith” from the now bankrupt Bakers Shoes.)
ribbon ankle ties were just pieces cut from a spool i got from JoAnn’s. the trick is to have some double sided tape for the top piece of ribbon to adhere to, so that they stay up continually.

wig was purchased from SamsBeauty.com, the style Tiara. unit: Sensationnel Synthetic Lace Front Wig Empress Edge Natural Center Part
tiara made from worbla and painted with acrylic gold.
bow brooch and tiara gem were resin cast from molds that i made, tinted with the ink drops from a turquoise and a green sharpie (use gloves if you do this, it is messy)
front bow made from Momo Kurimi’s patterns
Butt Bow made from Sparkle Pipsi’s pattern, using Momo’s method of having foam and batting inside.
turquoise fabric was purchased from e-bay, arrived as a horrible sky blue, and had to be custom dyed to be the right turquoise that i wanted.
fans were purchased from Amazon. be sure to play around with them to figure out which ones go in which hand, as they aren’t labeled, and the set i have is intended for someone who is right hand dominant.
makeup notes:
Fenty Beauty Foundation/Concealer
MAC Taraji P Henson Lipstick/Lipgloss
BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil & Aurora Lights eyeshadow
ABH/Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit: Forever Lit
25 mm lashes from amazon
Contacts: Uniqso, Barbie Bubble in Blue

inspiration taken from the following folks:

muse: fb friend Britt who first donned the teal wig that sparked most of this.
cosplayers: Ms. Luna Flare, who had silk fans for one of her cosplays earlier this year and i fell in love.
AeonisPi, who had a viral video of her Sailor Mars twirling orange/red silks like fire, further inspiring me to play around with the fans.
all of my senshi fam for continually uplifting, supporting, encouraging and hyping my ass up. you know who you are.
a very patient CheruBear for being my camera person and getting all these angles and slo mo shots on the side of a quiet road in 90 degree heat

and a big thanks to YOU for supporting ya girl. thank you.

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