Adornment | A Makeup Tutorial
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I’ve missed doing muh makeup 🗣
I hope you guys enjoyed this one.


Cover Girl Rose Quartz Illuminating Primer
Morphe Dare to Create Palette Light Brown/Tan all over lid and lower lashes
Deeper Brown in the Crease with a blending brush
Red Shade in crease with thinner blending brush
Cover Girl Brown Liquid Eye Liner
A Fake Eyelash cut into small pieces and glued only to the putter lashes
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
Smashbox Studio wear Foundation 1.1 little too yellow for me but she did the job With Mac Stippling Brush
Airspun Lose Face Powder
ABH Contour Kit with kabooki brush
A pink blush
Deepen the lower lashes with orange/ brown shades
I believe I added a light coral shade to my bottom lashes as well pero I can’t really remember lol
Comb brows because #eyebrows
love mustache because #frida
ABH highlight
Iamgreenminded Highlighter
Pinkish lip liner from NYX! Over line jussssst a little cheeeee
And yer set to go to bingo.

Be ready for more of me.
If you guys have any more questions about my look please leave them blow and look forward to my assumptions video!

I also got the idea of Reacting to the crap Gossip Forums have written about me. It’s INSANE the stuff people post online, not sure if they ever thought I’d find em’ but mama did and I think that would be a VERY interesting video.


1.Butterfly UMI Cover // Neema she is so talented and beautiful I was taken away when I heard her cover of this song. She’s a newer Youtuber who does covers to the best songs. Please go show her some warm love and energy.
2.Ungrateful -Acapella // Shordie Shoride (he’s gunna blow tf up. I’m sorry but dudes got talent, gotta check out all his stuff)
3. YK Osiris X Einer Bankz // Worth It Acoustic

Kicking it old school: don’t let anyone harsh your mellow.
Much love my friends.

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