Easy Cut Crease Make Up Tutorial

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EyeBrow Fill-in.

Mac Cosmetics espresso eye shadow

Sculpt eyebrows
Any Concealer or Foundation lighter then your skin tone to sculpture

Cover the concealer

Black Opal Stick foundation
Truly Topaz

Prep and primer
Pond’s moisturizer
Becca pore primer

Make up brushes

Fill brows with Angle Brush
Sculptor eyebrows with Mac cosmetics 242 Brushes

Eyeshadow primer
Ben Nye clown White

Cut the crease
Make up revolution C1

Amuse Black liquid Liner

Foundation :
Too Face Born This way butter Pecan

Concealer :
Too Face Born This way butterscotch
Too Face Born This way mocha


Any Black Foundation Liquor , cream or Powder but I’m using

Black Opal Stick foundation carb

Setting Powder:
Ben Nye natural set
Ben Nye Banana powder
Make Up forever matte velvet skin y445
Mac Cosmetic Deep dark Skin Finisher

Mac Cosmetics chestnut pencil
Lip Stick Honey Love

Brush Favorite

Morphe #M165. Any Angle Brushes
Crown #IB114 Oval Camouflage https://crownbrush.com/products/oval-
Crown # C469 Precision Concealer https://crownbrush.com/search?q=C46
Mac Cosmetics #242

Crown Brushes
Foundation and Contour Brushes
Deluxe Jumbo Foundation Brush #SS007 https://crownbrush.com/search?q=SS007
Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush #SS004 https://crownbrush.com/search?q=SS004
Oval foundation brush #IB107 https://crownbrush.com/search?q=IB107

Eye Shadow Brushes
Morphe Pointed Mimi Blender #M507
Crown Pro Detail Crease #C513 https://crownbrush.com/search?q=C513+
Morphe Smudger #M213
Crown Chisel Fluff Brush. #1B109 https://crownbrush.com/search?q=Crown

Powder Brushes
Fan Brush
C403- Shisel Crown Brush https://crownbrush.com/search?q=C403
C405 – Contour Blush Crown Brush https://crownbrush.com/search?q=C405+

Make Up Artist
Norkita Munroe
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