Female Characters | Woman's World

“If you never been told how you gotta be
What you gotta wear, how you gotta speak
If you never shouted to be heard
You ain’t lived in a woman’s world”

Part 1:SapphicTV – Maria R|Captain Marvel
Part 2:ariaxmontgomery – Joyce|Stranger Things
Part 3:staticxdesire – Maya|Second Act
Part 4:Katieclaire – Fallon|Dynasty
Part 5:AlecxLightwood – Maryse|Shadowhunters
Part 6:ResidentJazz – Tandy|Cloak and Dagger
Part 7:staticxdesire – Harper|Set it Up
Part 8:staticxdesire – Ally|A Star is Born
Part 9:staticxdesire – Fiona|Shameless
Part 10:ResidentJazz – Carol|Captain Marvel
Part 11:SapphicTV – Nia Nal|Supergirl
Part 12:staticxdesire – Diana Prince|Wonder Woman


SONG: Womans World

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