IU DIET CHALLENGE 🍠🍎 reached my lowest weight 😱 | VLOG

Trying a K-POP idol’s diet for the first time…

I’ve always wanted to try this after seeing so many videos of this diet on youtube so I attempted it a week before one of my dance performances~ Everything I showed in the video was all I consumed which means I ate an average of 1300kj/310cal (apple 220kj, sweet potato 480kj, protein shake 600kj) per day so it was a pretty extreme diet considering the average adult intake is 8700kj.

Also, just a note that IU followed this diet for only 4 days before her comeback (which is why I also did it for 4 days), so please don’t try this diet for the long term as it could be dangerous to your health!

If any of you have suggestions on what kind of videos I should make or anything I should change/add, please leave me a comment so I can improve my future videos~ Thank you! 💓

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