Ranking My Colourpop Palettes

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It’s time for another Ranking Video. These videos have become quite popular as of late, and this one focuses on Ranking Colourpop Palettes.

It’s no surprise that I have so many Colourpop Palettes. They truly are one of the best eyeshadow formulas around. I have 8 Colourpop Palettes, and I’m going to be ranking them in order of Worst to First.

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My Colourpop Palette Ranking:
8. Just My Luck
7. It’s My Pleasure
6. She Palette Colourpop X Karruche – Fem Rosa Collection
5. Yes Please
4. All I See is Magic – Limited Edition/Christmas Release 2017
3. Dream St. Colourpop X Kathleen Lights
2. Blue Moon
1. Element of Surprise – No Longer Available! WHY COLOURPOP?!
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The 10 Palettes Video was Inspired by Lauren DellaFerra
Lauren’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd81taZCdwA

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