Weird Things That Happened On The Set Of Stranger Things

Netflix original Stranger Things is a creepy, cool, and immensely popular series that’s also a trippy blast from the past. Can’t get enough of the gang from Hawkins? Let’s go behind the scenes, via interviews and tidbits dropped by the cast, to uncover the most bizarre and oddball occurrences on the set of Stranger Things.

Everyone loves the Stranger Things ’80s vibe — especially Generation X fans who grew up in the era in which the beloved horror-dramedy takes place. The producers have taken great care to make sure all the details are accurate — from those old kitchen telephones with the long cords to the shape of the Burger King logo to the exact same toys many of us had as kids. We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing there must be a whole team of people on staff whose job it is to procure ’80s memorabilia and make sure everything is precisely the same as it was back in the day — even the channel-surfing.

In fact, one might even say that the showrunners kind of go a little bit overboard when it comes to making sure all the details are accurate. Star Millie Bobby Brown told Teen Vogue,

“We genuinely live in the ’80s world when we’re on set. Everything, to the underwear that we’re given. We get tighty-whiteys.”

Now that is true commitment to detail.

Watch the video to find out about more weird things that happened on the set of Stranger Things!

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It’s head-to-toe ’80s | 0:18
So much farting | 1:17
Glitterbug | 2:37
Cold comfort food | 3:34
Real-life horror | 4:34
Body double weirdness | 5:30
A disturbing prank | 6:26
So many pranks | 7:41
Practical powers | 8:58

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