Tana Mongeau & James Charles ROCK VMAs 2019 Red Carpet

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James Charles and Tana Mongeau made two very different fashion statements on last night’s VMA’s carpet.
The VMAs carpet is a time to go big. It’s a time to wear the brightest colors, test out that fashion statement absolutely nobody asked for, or I don’t know, bring a real live breathing snake to the carpet as a fashion accessory.
To give you a brief VMA’s history lesson on snakes, back in 2001, Britney Spears brought a snake on stage for her performance of Slave 4 U. and then 10 years later, Justin Bieber held a baby snake in his hand while walking the red carpet. That’s it. That’s the lesson.
But you know, it’s 2019 now, and I just, I feel like it’s been too long since someone randomly showed up with a snake to an awards show. You know?
I just, I wish someone would’ve, I don’t know, brought a bigger snake, and wore it around their neck or something.
Oh that’s right. Someone DID do that last night. Actually TWO PEOPLE.
Yep, Tana Mongeau and H.E.R both decided to casually rock snakes around their necks on the VMAs red carpet.
Which, to be honest, seems worse than having someone showing up in the same dress as you. You know? Like imagine coming in with a freaking snake around your neck and having your friend be like, “did you hear? Someone ELSE brought a snake too?” Like, when does that even happen? Ahhh only at the VMAs, am I right?
If you look closely at H.E.R and Tana’s outfits, they also both kinda went for their own take on camouflage.
Tana went for the more “I can blend in with most mountainous areas” camo and H.E.R, well if she were in the forest right now, would you even know? Honestly, they should’ve just walked the carpet together.
But moving onto another statement that was made last night, let’s talk about belts.
Have you ever been wearing a belt and thought, man. I wish I could wear more belts with my belt?
Because that’s exactly what James Charles did with his carpet look last night. Rocking a white coat decked out in belts, topped off with his new platinum blonde hair, James looked amazing on the carpet. This look, in my opinion, is VMA’s fashion at it’s finest.
But that is all the award show fashion I have to share with you right now. But before I go, I need to know, which snake look did you prefer and did James inspire YOU to wear more belts? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below. Then click right over here for a new video and as always, be sure to subscribe. I’m your host Renee Ariel, follow me on socials @ReneeAriel and I’ll see you next time!


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