Manny MUA and Patrick Starr STEAL from Black Influencer Wvrthy

Hello everyone. I do not often make videos like this but I thought it would be important to speak on this and put my thoughts on the matter not only as a Black MUE but black artist who is versed and trained in the Fine Arts. Wvrthy is an Instagram influencer known for her popular traptorials made for girls who look like her. These traptorials are a new wave of editing styles not seen my Instagram. She has pioneered the editing style around 2017 and has been featured in many different media outlets. Art theft is something to never be taken lightly and it is despicable. Chelsie Wvrthy is a much smaller influencer than someone like Manny MUA and Patrick Starr. It us up to these bigger influencers to credit and give props to those they take heavy influence from. Chelsie has expressed her dissatisfaction with the theft of her editing style and lack of credit. She expressed that it was made abundantly clear to her that an influencer like her was not welcome in the community. I ask for us as viewers to be more aware of those we support and call out copycats that decide to steal the creative work of others.

Links to her Traptorials (The titles of the posts are the songs she used in the video)

Hot Girl Summer –

Waves –

Ric Flair Drip –

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