Code 3 Ambulance Response to Bike Crash with Head Injury

Disclaimer: The purpose of this channel is to show the perspective of an Emergency Ambulance Response/Transport from the drivers point of view. I will not disclose who I work for or show any company brand/logo. Also, I will never record a patient, any of their possible personal identifiers or their family members. This is why many videos are cut short. No videos on this channel violate patient privacy/Hipaa laws. The views and actions expressed here may not reflect the views of management or the company that I work for. Any comments or actions taken on this channel should not be taken as advice. Code 3 channel, its admin, and the company I work for take no responsibility/liability for any choices a viewer makes after watching these videos. Check your own local and national laws, as well as company policy before you drive an emergency vehicle. Check your own local/national laws on what to do when an Emergency Vehicle is near you. I do not earn money from this channel and do not accept gifts/donations


What type of Ambulance do I drive?
Type 3 2014 Ford Econoline, Triton V10

Where do I work?
Clackamas/Portland Oregon

Type of Siren?

Why doesn’t the siren stay on the entire time?
It is used when it is needed to move or warn vehicles/pedestrians. It can also be more effective when its not a noise from the distance coming in slowly

What do I record with?
It used to be a Samsung Galaxy S7. Now it an S10+

Do I only drive the Ambulance?
No, for the most part, anyone driving an Ambulance on a call is an EMT at minimum

I figured out who you work for dude!! What now!?!?
Its alright, As long as I am not blatantly displaying a company logo purposefully, There should be no issue

Why are you going so slow?
If you are watching a video of me transporting a patient/provider in the back, then I am trying to keep a smooth but efficient ride for them. No hard starts, stops, or corners.

What is code 3?
Lights and sirens

Why does the Fire Department go on EMS calls?
We are a private ambulance service who contracts with the county. It is the countys responsibility to ensure EMS services to its citizens by sending their own resources that taxpayers pay for, as well as contracting services as needed. The Fire department has trained Paramedics and EMTs who can usually get to a call faster than the Ambulance and initiate care. They respond to any 911 medical call, from a stubbed toe to cardiac arrest. We can cancel each other once on scene when appropriate.

Can we change traffic lights?
Although most lights around have the capability, our ambulance does not have an opticom

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