Devil Train (Ivypool and Hawkfrost // COMPLETE 2 WEEK MAP)

Devil Train is a map that focuses on Ivypools point of view as Hawkfrost convinces her to join the dark forest- and the consequences of that. Watch her as she stumbles down the wrong path, right into Hawkfrosts paws…


This map, to put it short, was one of the best things I had the privilege to be a part in in this community. Throughout the 3 months it was hosted I got 50+ thumbnail submissions and every part that was turned in looked beautiful.

If you’re not already subscribed to the participants of this map PLEASE go check them out, this project could never come together without every single one of their beautiful parts.

Check them out here!

After narrowing down thumbnail submissions I held a vote for the winner. The winner of that vote was Scoutcorgi!

They have a speed paint up on their channel, go give it some love!

The designs in this map are by Sagutoyas! You can find their work here!

Thank you all that worked on this map for letting this map come together so smoothly, and thank YOU for watching!

If you wanna see the old map call you can find it here…

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