FAMILY gets a PRINCESS MAKEOVER!! Adley controls our day with surprise Pedicures! (my first time)

adley is the vlog boss today and we do whatever she wants?!!


Best Spa Day Ever 1006

This morning Adley had the idea that she should be the boss and get to choose what the family does all day today. At the time it sounded fun….and I was right! we first start the day by turning our routine upside down. For breakfast, we all have Popsicle in the backyard. After some family fun and delicious popsicles, It’s time for Adley to choose what we do next.

She wants to do a PRINCESS MAKEOVER!! at first I was scared it was going to be make up, but Adley and Mom decide that we’re just going to do pedicures! I try and talk my way out of it but Adley is the boss baby and gets to choose what we do for the next 24 hours so I have to go. We get there and it starts off fancy as Adley and I play on massage chairs. It’s then our turn to get our pedicures, this is a first for me and I have no idea whats going on. Luckily, my toes aren’t going to be crazy colors, Adley picked out gold and grey so I could have spacestation gaming toe nails!

After we get done and take a good look at everyone’s toes, it’s off to our next adventure. Adley wants to get food then go swimming!! All that sounds great! We eat really quick and head to the pool! We don’t waste anytime! Aldey and I jump in as soon as we can. Adley is crazy in the pool. She diving and flipping, doing underwater hand stands and twists. She and Jenny decide to do a synchronized swimming routine and its super cute. Niko Bear and I have fun watching it! Adley then finds her way into an inflatable pirate ship with a water cannon. She turns into a pirate going around getting everyone wet!

We head back home and have time for one more fun thing before it’s bed time. We go into the kids ultimate play room and play with some new horse toys that Adley got on her A for Adley channel! Such a fun day, Adley is kinda crazy but tons of fun and I love her!!!

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