Infected Sleeping Beauty Makeup tutorial (easy) 💤 || Jim Reno [español]

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for my english viewers Im so sorry I didn’t have time to do my english audio 🙁 But I’ll add the subtitles in case you want to follow it of course!

Clinique Take the day off remover
Nyx white foundation
Kat Von D white concealer
Sugarpill TACO eyeshadow
Kbrow Benefit
LimeCRime Venus Palette
Skin Illustrator Necromania Palette
Nabla Cosmetics Liquid Lipstic

Mil gracias de nuevo a Clinique por darme estas oportunidades tan geniales! ❤️____❤️

‣I usually shoot with a Canon 80D + 50mm or 35 mm lens.
‣ I’m studying Fine arts in Madrid, Spain.
‣I edit with Adobe Premiere and sometimes Final Cut Pro.

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The Strokes “What ever happenned?”
Haley Blais “True Love”
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I love creating in any form; makeup, art, painting, cosplay, video making, emotion- transmitter. ♡

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