Not Evil// anything map // Backups Open

Just a short map while.waiting for the parts to get filled in my other map.

*NO greenscreens
*you can use any character for this map it is an anything map
*Flipaclip watermarksm are the only watermarks allowed I will give you credit in the desc.
*keep your part g to pg-13 gore is allowed although I don’t recommend it for this map
*this is a beginner friendly map
*there is no codeword
*it’s not first come first serve, you have to atleast have an example to show you can animate and actually finish map parts
*you can have only 1 part, although with one part you can still have a backup to make this map finished faster

Not done-πŸŒ‘
Wip seen- πŸŒ“

Part playlist-

_PARTS_ 10/10 taken
3/10 done
Intro- Mystic Fox πŸŒ•
1- Mintleafcakes πŸŒ•
2- kritten cat πŸŒ•
3- juggler doge πŸŒ‘
4- Roxy LPS kiΕ‚Ε‚ πŸŒ‘
5- alpacadragon πŸŒ“
6- β€’skittle armyβ€’ πŸŒ•
7- Youtubepanda 458πŸŒ•
8- mewblaster πŸŒ•
9- gaycatapiner πŸŒ•

_BACKUPS_ unlimited
– Roxy LPS kiΕ‚Ε‚ (part 8)
– Dorry 365 (part 1)
– juggler doge (part 3)

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