The Duke | 2-Week Hawkfrost and Ivypool MAP | [OPEN] [14/22 DONE]

I watched Thomas Sanders’ newest Sanders Sides video (incredible series, go watch it!) And of course, the moment I heard this song, my brain went, β€œWarrior Cats”. So here I am.
It’s your standard Hawkfrost and Ivypool MAP, just a tiny bit wack.


Everything you need is here!

There is no Discord server, but there is a channel in my general server for wips, questions and discussions related to this MAP!

Parts/WIP Playlist:


Parts are due 2 weeks after being assigned.

Intro: Pretzelmintz
πŸ‘‘1. marsclaws
🐍🐍2. Burrferns
🐍🐍4. c h y a
🐍🐍5. MarshuKitty
🐍🐍6. Nessaki
🐍🐍7. MoodleDoodle
🐍🐍8. KimSxxiny
🐍🐍9. superdelibird
🐍🐍10. AlaOst
🐍11. Akina Arts
12. Mcdraggy
🐍🐍14. Burrdynn
🐍🐍15. deerwind
🐍🐍16. Arcatdia
🐍🐍18. InuYunYun
19. plushiecore
🐍🐍20. Cante Skuya
🐍🐍21. ShadowedKing
22. Pretzelmintz



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