Proven Makeup Tips for Teenagers


First, keep your skin in good condition. This might not seem like a make up tip, but it definitely is. When you maintain your skin supple & smooth, make up is easier to pertain & it’ll look healthier on your skin. Foundations won’t meet in the wrinkles, & overall you will look younger. Spigot your nails on a rigid surface daily.To keep your skin in good condition, make sure you:Use a good quality cleanser & wash your face twice a day, perhaps less as you get older. Be certain to alter your skincare routine as your skin matures & it gets drier & changes texture. Use fine quality wrinkle creams & be reliable in its application. Your skin will benefit from this regular boost of moisture. Drink plenty of water. We all know how good water is for our bodies & our skin. Your skin will drink in the moisture & its overall condition & texture will improve.Second, change your make up regimen as you age. The same foundation & the same eye make up won’t necessarily flatter you in your 40s or 50s the way it did in your 20s.Next, begin at the top. Use an old tooth brush to brows the eye brows into place. Pluck any drift hairs. You can use a supple eye pencil to fill in any holes you may have in your eye brows, but again with youngsters, this step may not be essential. Next, you can put up a thin line of eyeliner on the top of the eye, right above the eye lashes, & blend it in well. You might apply a bit on the lower eyes, as well, but not excessively that you look like a raccoon. The last make up tips for youngsters is the use of a radiance blush, blended well, to provide your cheeks a little color. According to the color tenor of your skin, you can set off either radiance or a little darker. End up with few light, clear lip-gloss & you are all ready!Source: Free Articles from

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