These Jobs Are Damaging Your Mental Health

What if you don’t exactly love what you do? And your work causes you stress? In this video we are going to talk about jobs that may affect your mental health.

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Arts and Entertainment – 0:29
Office Jobs – 1:29
Teaching – 2:11
Accounts & Finance – 2:44
Medicine & Healthcare – 3:29
Social Work – 4:15
Sales & Marketing – 4:58
A Server – 5:29
Customer Care – 6:11


Arts and Entertainment – While being creative has the potential to earn you lots of money, it can also be quite unpredictable. You may be a painter, an author, or a musician with a lot of fans, but you may not always have a job.

Office Jobs – If you do well in this field, you may end up being a CEO of a huge company, but the path to that cabin isn’t always a rosy one. You will have to put up with many hours of monotonous work.

Teaching – While teaching does have rewarding moments, imagine walking into a classroom full of children or teenagers, who would rather gossip about Ed Sheeran’s latest album, then learn about math.

Accounts & Finance – In a survey of 12 thousand accountants in the United Kingdom, about 51% admitted to have anxiety or depression and 43% of them also believed that the stress related to their work is one of the crucial contributors.

Medicine & Healthcare – When you are in the field of medicine, you’re responsible for a person’s wellbeing and at times, their life. While jobs related to this field can pay very well, they can also be very stressful.

Social Work – If you’ve ever wondered why social workers always seem sad or angry, well you’ve come to the right place to find the answer.

Sales & Marketing – Yes, we’re talking about those folks who are trying to sell you something, whether or not you actually need it.

A Server – They take your order, they make you feel comfortable in a restaurant, but they don’t get paid well enough and if they make a big mistake, their manager won’t think twice before firing them.

Customer Care – You sit at a desk and listen to customers complain all day. Customer Care Executives have to be on their very best behaviour while trying to understand the customer’s problem, empathize with them and then find a solution.

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