💋 Lipstick stains and coffee, that's me ☕️

👱🏻‍♀️ It is the second day of my Pittsburgh trip and I vlogged! A little. I uploaded, are you proud of me?
☕️ I really cannot do anything without coffee.
🥦 Update on the food in this video, it looks beautiful, but it is like pretending to be healthy food. The candy was great.
💻 Sorry I did not film too much. I did however, watched a lot on the internet today.
🍾 PiewDiePie unboxed his 100 mil YouTube award and it was very pretty.
🍎 Apple officially introduced iPhone 11 Pro, and I must say… three cameras?! 3x the me?! I will consider.
🎤 50 Cent really can’t do an interview without Wendy Williams in the mix, can he? Oh well.
💄 Bretman Rock really does make the best sponsored videos, as sponsored vids go. MACLoveMe the lipstick colors are very Fall 2019, I love it. Nyx cosmetics could never.
✈️ Ryland Adams threw a dart at a map & I high key wanted him and Morgan to come to Pitt. Spoiler, they didn’t. Poor Shane is home alone, editing away.
📲 Let’s see if I can keep posting for one more day. Wish me luck.

Byeeeee! 💓

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