Gothic Weddings – Planning The Wedding of Your Darkest Dreams

A Gothic wedding doesn’t necessarily have the bride dressed in black, black makeup, skulls and all other types of gruesome items everywhere – despite popular belief. Now, if that’s what you want, go for it, but that doesn’t necessarily fit the “Gothic” theme. The bride could easily get away with a white gown if that is what she would like to wear. The bride could walk down the isle to Metallica, but she could also easily walk down the aisle to the typical wedding theme. The choice is up to the Gothic bride.

As our Gothic bride enters the room, her dress isn’t the typical “Gothic” standard, by any means, but it suits her none the less. Her dress is white, with lace draped along the neck line. Our bride’s hair is pulled back into a simple bun. The first difference between her Gothic wedding and any other wedding is our bride is not walking down the aisle to any typical love song, but instead our couple is loudly playing a Metallica song. How bizarre? Not exactly.

Weddings are meant to express ourselves and our partner as we accept each other into our lives. Some brides prefer the traditional wedding, but not all do. Our Gothic bride prefers anything but the traditional. Her music of choice? Metallica. Her wedding of choice? More of a romantic gothic theme. Her wedding ceremony will not be held in a traditional church. Instead her wedding ceremony is at the center of a cathedral. Draped along the walls is heavy velvet fabric, and along the aisle are scattered petals of roses in red, white, and black. Both the ceremony and the reception will be celebrated in this room. The guests are all sitting around tables draped in deep red cloth. Atop each of these tables are 4 small black boxes, with surprise wedding favors inside. Black velvet photo frames displaying our couple are set in the center of the tables as well. Burgundy and black satin pillow sachets displaying the guests’ names are set around the table as seat assignments later to be taken with as a party gift. The wedding, even though it is meant to be “gothic”, doesn’t have to be dark and dreary and the wedding favors chosen can be any type that the Gothic couple likes. One Gothic couple decided to hand out heart shaped cookie cutters as wedding day favors. Another couple chose candle wedding favors with XOXO printed in black across them.

Other items ideal for favors for guests can be heart shaped silver corkscrews for those that enjoy a good glass of wine from time to time. Or perhaps a deck of cards in the shape of a heart, or with a wedding couple printed on the front that is actually two dogs. If you’re a little nervous on handing out an item to someone that they might not like, small leather picture key chains are an item that is just about perfect for any guest, a neutral item that any one can enjoy! Just because we’re going gothic doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in the process!

Remember, a wedding above all else is a celebrationScience Articles, have fun no matter what wedding theme you choose!

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