How To Use Lip Stain For A Great Makeup Look

There are so many lip
formulations to choose from to make your lips pop with gorgeous color!  You can choose from lipsticks in matte or
cream formulas, lip glosses, tinted lip balms, and the list goes on and on.  In this article, let’s concentrate on lip stain.
You may have seen lip stain in your local store and wondered what it is and how
it is used on lips.  Actually, the
product is very easy to use and creates a really nice look!

If you want to get a sheer
wash of color on your lips that will last for hours, you may want to try a lip
stain. Most cosmetic lines, along with their glosses and lip sticks, also offer
a lip stain. A stain is a pigment contained in a gel or water base. For
application, you can find them in brush on, marker or pen-like tips, pumps and

Before applying your
stain, be sure to exfoliate your lips with a dry toothbrush. Apply a balm or
other product designed for moisturizing your lips. This is a very important
step that is necessary for your overall lip look, so don’t skip it!  If you don’t want to use the method mentioned
here, you will find products designed just for this purpose that you can apply
to your lips.

Lining your lips before
applying your stain is optional. If you use a brand with the marker tip, you
can use the stain as a liner by lining your natural lip line with it and then
filling in the rest of your lips. Depending on whether you want a sheer wash of
natural looking color or a deep dramatic look, apply one coat of stain for a
natural pop of color, or as many coats as you want to achieve the desired depth
of color.  The sky is the limit here. You
can make the color as deep and intense as you’d like, or as sheer and natural
as you’d like.

If you want a dewy and
moist look, you can apply a sheer gloss over the stain. If you want a more
natural “flush of color” look then no gloss is the way to go. You
will want the look of your lips to compliment the rest of your look.  So if you are trying to achieve a bare and natural
look, then you will want your lip stain to be as close to your natural lip
color as possible.

Lip stain has staying
power!  A lot of women like to use lip
stain for this reason only!

The next time you want to
try something different for your lips, consider the lip stain.  You can find hundreds of brands in your local
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