I tried the Carnivore Diet for a Month… Unbiased Review

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I tried the Carnivore Diet for a Month… Unbiased Review – Thomas DeLauer

I went carnivore for a month. Yeah, I ate nothing but meat for basically a month, and I did it all out of the world of self-experimentation. I wanted to see what it would feel like. I was already ketogenic, but what would it feel like if I shifted to an all meat diet? What would happen? Well before I go into a lot of detail there I have to explain why I did this, and what the science behind the carnivore diet and all meat or zero carb diet really says.

How I started the carnivore diet was probably a little bit wrong. You see, I have a ketogenic background in general. I’ve been doing keto on and off for close to 10 years, so I know it through and through, and I wanted to apply some of my ketogenic principles over to carnivore. So when I first started carnivore, I had suggested that people follow along with me and my style, which means I was going to eat relatively lean proteins and add my fats through polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats in exogenous ways. I was going to get avocado oil. I was going to use olive oil, and I was going to use things like that. The reality is, although that is a great way to live sort of a Mediterranean keto lifestyle, it may not have been the best choice when I was first starting out on carnivore, because the first three or four days I did not feel good. Actually, the first two or three days I did not feel good at all. I felt constipated, and then I had diarrhea, and it was just off and on. It just did not feel right.

I felt bloated. I felt like I was holding tons and tons of water, and I think it was just because my body was reacting in a really stark way. It just didn’t know what to do. So I was adding fats in through other sources, and I think what was going on was there was sort of a biological disconnect between the lean meats that I was eating, and the polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fats that I was getting in. By default, since I wasn’t really eating red meat at that point in time, I wasn’t getting a lot of the saturated fats, so I started making a conclusion in my mind at that point in time. I noticed by days three and four I was having a really hard time working out. I felt like I was disconnected from my body. I felt like my brain wasn’t able to send a signal to my arms and my legs, and I was about to throw in the towel and just say, “Guys, I feel like garbage.”

My theory, although it could be completely wrong, was that maybe the lack of saturated fats that I was getting was starting to have an effect on my nervous system, because it does have a big role in the myelination. Now myelination is the myelin sheath that covers the outside of the nerve. This makes it so that a signal can be sent from the brain to a specific area. Now the problem with my hypothesis here is that I would imagine it takes longer than four days to run into some kind of deficiency or to run out of saturated fat, right? That just doesn’t make sense. I’ve done longer fasts than five days before, and I didn’t have this problem. So I don’t know what it was. Perhaps it was some kind of sodium imbalance or mineral imbalance.

When things really started to make a turn was around week three when I did add organ meats in. I wasn’t anti-organ meat before. I just honestly, I was learning as I was going, and I was reading the viewer comments. I was reading what people were saying, and they were saying, “You ought to try organ meats. I think you’ll feel better.” So I added some organ meats in. I added mainly just liver, and when I added liver in, that made all the difference in the world. It really did. Energy level was so much better. Cognitive function was even more clear, and the fact is I found that, yes, this was definitely a way for me to reset.

Cravings had completely changed, and it was something that if I felt was truly sustainable, I would stick to. The fact of the matter is I like my veggies. Okay? This is not saying that carnivore is bad. Carnivore works great for so many people, and Shawn Baker is an awesome guy. Jordan Peterson, awesome. Ken Berry… I know he’s experimenting with it. Awesome and super close friend of mine. I have no hatred towards these guys for doing carnivore whatsoever. In fact, I have a lot more respect now for people that do carnivore because it truly is, to some degree a sacrifice, but also it really is just… It’s another level. You do feel great.

Carnivore was new to me, and carnivore is something that is now going to be in my toolbox to reset my body and reset my immune system. It’s catapulted me into a new phase where I feel like my ketogenic protocols work better on me now.

All right, as always, keep it locked in here on my channel. I’ll see you in the next video.

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