Makeup For Pimple Prone Skin


It is very important to choose right kind of makeup if you have acne problem. This would not only make you look good but also you will feel confident.Cosmetics for acne affected skin:  An acne affected skin is loaded with oil and sebum so cosmetics for this kind of skin should be light so that the skin could breathe. Following tips can help you in picking up right cosmetics for acne affected skin.§    Moisturizer or face cream should not have contents like isopropyl myristate and lanolin. §    Use water based light lotions so that the moisture of skin could be retained.§    Non oily sunscreen having SPF30 and titanium oxide should be used.§    The foundation should be non-comedogenic.§    Liquid or mineral makeup having organic botanical extracts, zinc oxide, titanium oxide and other anti bacterial properties should be used.§    Cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid should be used.§    Cosmetics containing bismuth oxychloride and dimenthicone should be avoided.§    Products containing alcohol should be avoided.§    Masks, exfoliators, astringents and toners should be avoided as they make acne worse.§    Rose water, lavender oil, kaolin and tea tree oil are good for acne skin.§    Gentle cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide should be used.The first step is to choose right cosmetic products and after that it is turn to get the right make up tips so that you may find yourself no less then anyone even with acne prone skin.§    Face should be cleansed using mild cleanser with finger tips. After cleaning face should be washed with warm water followed by cold water splashes and then it should be dried with soft towel.§    Application of rose water or toner should be done with a soft cotton ball.§    Oil free or water based moisturizer should be applied. §    Now apply oil free and water based foundation in circular motion. §    Use hygienic makeup brush to apply oil free blusher.§    Cover spots and pimples with a matching and good quality concealer.§    Finally spray some light powder to get a perfect look.With this makeup, even you will wonder on your beauty.Source: Free Articles from

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