Teeth Sensitivity, Enamel Erosion, Cavities On A Raw Vegan Diet

When I first went raw vegan I developed horrible teeth sensitivity! I thought I was losing my teeth!!! I had so many questions like, are my teeth detoxing? Am I eating too much unripe fruit? All I knew is that my teeth were so painful and I didn’t want to damage them further! Instead of giving up and going back to cooked food I started to look for a solution. I got lucky, someone told me about a special raw vegan tooth serum that re-enamelizes teeth. So I tried it!

After three weeks my sensitivity was completely gone! Hooray! I healed my teeth! Since then I have learned how to prevent all sensitivity, enamel erosion and cavities on a raw vegan diet.

To see the products I use on my my teeth click on my Amazon store and find the “teeth care” section. There you will see the Neem Enamelizer Toothpaste, the Yogi Tooth Serum, And the Dr. Tungs Smart Floss.

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