The Shopping extravaganza in Dubai


Dubai’s character as a shopper’s heaven widens too many phases of the city’s lively viable life.  The Dubai shopping malls serve both as tourist attractions- rather than merely local market. Hundreds of reservations for flights to Dubai are made only out of this shopping enthusiasm. The emirate is heaving with great shopping malls and each mall discloses a special theme and experience. The extensive span of malls, the modern architecture, the designer boutique, zenith brands, vast variety from haute fashion design to the hottest widgets and a nonstop choice of food outlets allow visitors who book the cheap flights to Dubai the opportunity of spending a whole day in the premises of a single shopping complex.In Arabic the shopping mall is called as ‘souk’. With their historic architecture still restored to fulfill the demands of modern days, Dubai‘s malls may differ in their products and repute, but are always energetic with the buzz of trade, the courage of a strong traditional past and witness the enthusiastic shoppers who have been there by cheap flights to Dubai from all over the world.A trip to a mall, active with noise, mass is an impressive experience, especially at night, when a multitude of neon lights guiding the dilettante throughout a network of cheering customers to indulge in a good bargaining atmosphere.With your intelligence and armed with a sense of humor, Dubai shopping can be fun as well as profitable.  The steep variety of goods presented is perplexing. Shops packed with the newest in electronics situate contentedly besides massive silk houses variety from India. Discounted stereo tapes and CD are the favorite shopping. The dealers of stereo systems worldwide book the cheap flights to Dubai to stock the merchandize shopping.  In the center of this treasure trove of 20th century avariciousness, lie down small booth-type shops, spices took in by dhow from India, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar pervades the space, and fragrant oils are stored ready to be mixed to personal demands.  Dexterously carpets scattered for assessment, heavy hookah pipes fill all corners. All these east oriented products appeals European and Western public a lot who get in there by flights to Dubai., the status symbol of east, is another of the city’s best products. The Gold markets in Deira are a compliment to the metal’s timeless attraction.  Footing row after row of shops garlanded with sparkling jewelry and ornaments, the market has become a tourist sightseeing.  Prices in the west are largely determined by mass. Free Articles from

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