Top Five Acne Treatment Tips To Cut Down Your Acne and Clear Up Your Skin


As a fellow acne sufferer, I completely understand what you’re going through.  That’s why I’m going to give you five acne treatment tips that have worked for me and will work for you too, no matter which gender you are.  1. Shampoo: One of the biggest causes of irritation on your face can be caused by using the wrong of shampoo.  Shampoos that contain extra fragrances or too many moisturizers will hinder the skin on your face and also promote acne on your scalp.  Ouch!  To combat this problem, use Head and Shoulders two-in-one shampoo with pyrithione zinc.  I’ve used it for several years, and it keeps my acne at bay.2. Peels: Be careful of just using any peel on your face.  Not all the “natural” peels online will work for your skin, especially if they contain milk or harsh herbs.  One type of peel I know works well is the Vitamin C peel.  Simply grate some orange peel into a tablespoon of water, mix it into a paste, and apply it to the affected area.  The vitamin C will kill the bacteria in your zits and reduce the redness in your face.3. Benzoyl Peroxide: Not too many people have difficulty using benzoyl peroxide.  With rare exception, this peroxide kills off the bacteria in your zits and improves the look of acne.  I recommend using a 10% spot treatment benzoyl peroxide cream 1-2 times a day.  However, if your skin dries out too much, reduce use to once a day or once every other day.4. Cleansers: You don’t have to get sold on the first expensive cleanser you see.  There are some cleansers out there that cost upwards of $100 per bottle; this isn’t necessarily a necessity for your skin.  Things like Proactiv, Clinique facial soap, and Effaclar by La-Roche Posay work just as well, especially when coupled with an oil-free moisturizer.5. Fluids: Speaking of moisturizer, you need to drink plenty of water in order to get rid of your acne.  I know it’s not real popular to have to go to the bathrooom 8 times a day, but your body will adjust.  Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day if possible.  A great way to do this is to set a timer for once an hour, and every time it rings, simply drink half a cup of water.  By the end of the day, you’ll have absorbed your daily quota.Source: Free Articles from

Last, but certainly not least, you need to pay attention to what you eat.  Now, I’m not saying that chocolate and pizza are giving you zits, but eating certain foods for a certain amount of time (about 3-5 days) will start healing your skin immediately by cleansing your pores from the inside-out.  Best of all, of these acne treatment tips, this is the program I recommend most highly, and it costs less than $40 which is basically the cost of buying two acne cleansers.  You can find it right here at

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