A Mental Health Cooking Class for young teens in Riviera Beach

In an urgent quest to “reduce stress in boys,” Trinnette Morris, personal chef and founder of Trindy Gourmet, the catering and cafe boutique tucked inside the historic northwest of West Palm Beach, established a traveling cooking class geared toward teenage boys and young men. The “Male Mental Health Awareness Cooking Class” black and red menu featured specific foods that, according to Morris, reduce stress and anxiety and increase attentiveness–oatmeal, blueberries, turmeric, avocados, and dark chocolate. Morris partnered with long-time friend Councilman Douglas A. Lawson of Riviera Beach. Councilman Lawson is the founder of Bridge to Infinity Entrepreneur Camp, a week-long financial literacy and wellness program for young boys (and now girls) ages 12-17.

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