Bostitch F21PL Review


Designed for swiftness with its high capacity nail cartridge, this Bostitch F21PL will save you time on your nailing tasks. The lightweight magnesium bodied nailgun will hold up to 60, 21 degree round head framing nails from 1-1/2” to 3-1/2”.The pneumatic powered Bostitch nailgun, gives you a cracking 1,050 in./lb; that’s just about the best power to weight ratio amongst its competitors. This is due it’s unique magnesium frame. However, note that pneumatic means you will need quite a hefty air compressor to power this tool. At 90-120 psi the F21PL easily hits home nails up to 3-1/2” in length with any of your projects.This Bositch has the capability to use round-headed nails. I mention this since building codes in a few states won’t not allow clipped headed nails. In any case, round headed nails offer better structural integrity. Also what’s rather novel with this nailgun is its useful ability to take Hurriquake nails. Something that you’ll find a lot other nailgun tools on the market cannot use.The F21PL is really built to accommodate large nailing jobs, thus making a days work at the construct site easier and more productive. This nail gun is perfect for building framing and other big jobs that really demand a heavy duty / reliable nailgun.As you will have gathered by now, this framing nailer has a few features that it’s competition does not have. For starters, you can change nail depth with a simple switch of a button. The nose piece has been designed to allow you to quickly and easily switch between metal connector nails and plastic collated.The Bostitch brand has always been associated with top quality and high reliability. They accomplish this by having a great set of products and by having strict quality control tests that make sure that the final product will work out of the box.Mr Hadden in the US says this about his F21PL:”I bought this gun to frame a 24×30 barn. It worked like a charm until I used it while it rained. It started jamming up with both sheeting nails and framing nails. The driving pin even managed to get a nail lodged in the magazine that was only removable once the magazine was removed. Once cleared and oiled up good, it worked great just like before! Nails are relatively easy to find for it (not as easy as contractor-grade wire welds). Great gun for a great price! And light weight, too!” The Bostitch F21PL framing nail gun is a really good lightweight framing nailer that still offers up a powerful punch. And it’s sleek finish, flexibility in nail type and length, allows you to tackle any job with ease.Source: Free Articles from

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