Dewalt DC 616K XRP Nail Gun Review

The Dewalt 616K Nailguun is a
compact hand tool that is able to combine precise hand nails at speed. Best of
all it has a handy rechargeable 18 volt battery and shoots comfortably. It’s
designed to seal out dust cabinet and also has rear load magazines that hold
100 nails.

Other aspects that are associated
with this excellent tool includes; it’s fitted with an accurate depth control
mechanism, a nosepiece which swings open, which is important as it used in
clearing jams. There is also a safety contact which serves as a lock off – to
disable the trigger. 

Dewalt DC 616K XRP Nail Gun gives a fast and consistent nail penetration in both hard
and soft material. One can choose to select a mode that can ensure precise
placement of each nail or use the bump operating system which repress top

The tool is fitted with a rather
unique engine which allows the tool to work fast as you are able fire four to
five nails a second; this increases the production out of the tool.

It weighs in at 8.5 pound, so it’s lightweight to be manouvered with ease. {It
also has a reduced operator fatigue, while working with it you don’t have to
strain so much}. The nailgun is also fitted with integrated LED which
makes it easy to ensure accuracy in poor light conditions.


Vivitron  from Central Texas, USA has this to say:


I am an “advanced” amateur, basically building my last three houses
(along with lots of other stuff). This thing is probably my most favorite tool,
and very versatile for framing and trim work. The straight galvanized nails are
quite cheap and easy to find, with every brand I have tried working just fine.
The available lengths cover a wide variety of applications. Will probably shoot
500 or more nails on a single charge. Easy depth adjustment and sinks the
longest nails easily into tough pressure treated wood. Have not had any
problems getting into tight places (supposedly the angled version would be
better for tight spots, but I have never needed it, and I use this thing a
lot). Solid construction, I don’t baby this thing (of course I don’t abuse it
either). Hangs from its belt loop well.”

To sum up the popular DEWALT DC 616K
XPR framing nail gun
is a very flexible nailgun for framing and for trim work.It also comes with a
reversible belt hook, safety glasses, a battery charger and a storage case. And
of course in addition to thatFree Reprint Articles, on purchase you are assured of a 3 year limited
warranty and a two year service contract on the XRP battery.

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