Give a Fabulous Shine to Your Nail with the New Gelish Nail Polish


Getting the perfect manicure can be very difficult.  It takes hours to finish a basic manicure that will probably last for just three days.  The time, money, and effort you invested on it may seem fruitless.  Fortunately, there is a new ground breaking method for getting the coveted fabulous shine for your nails that lasts longer.  This is the Gelish nail polish from Hand and Nail Harmony.  It is an innovative professional gel polish developed exclusively for the modern women who do not have the time for lengthy manicure treatments.The Gelish nail polish has been recognized as a revolutionary product that can bring significant change to the beauty and wellness industry.  The soak off gel polish of Harmony got glaring raves from the leading beauty and wellness institutions and experts around the world.  It is now one of the highly favorite solutions of professional manicurists, salons, and fashion consumers.  The good news is you can use the new product of Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish at home without the assistance of experts.  It is easy to use and application takes only several minutes.  The best part is that your new manicure will be able to last for three full weeks but can be removed quickly in less than 15 minutes.  Unlike other gel based polish products that require complicated procedures, the Gelish nail polish can be applied like a regular polish.  It comes with a twist cap and an easy applicator, just like the ones that you have been using to polish your nails.  However, the Gelish soak off Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish should be cured under a UV lamp.  The curing process takes about two minutes if you are using traditional UV lamp. If you want to fast track the process, then you can use a LED lamp which can cure the gel Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish within 30 seconds.  Both procedures are significantly faster than the traditional drying techniques for basic manicure.  You can practically have fabulously colored and shiny nails within minutes if you use the Harmony nail polish solution.  The Gelish nail polish solution comes in 72 different color variations.  These color variations provide great opportunities for you to easily match your nail color with your wardrobe.  However, you have to keep in mind that this gel polish is categorized as a professional salon product. It means that you need to find a professional manicurist in your area to get a nail treatment using the gel-based Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish.  But in some areas, you could purchase the complete Gelish soak off set without any restriction.  In such cases, you should buy your set from an authorized online dealer.  It is really quite tricky to get the best nail treatment that lasts longer.  It is a good thing that Hand and Nail Harmony nail polish has developed a UV gel polish solution for the modern and sophisticated woman.  This new gel polish provides an astonishing shine to your nails.  It also lasts longer without chipping or fading.  Source: Free Articles from

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