Give Your Valentine Sexy Feet

At the top of our list are products from Xenna Corporation. Natural NonyX® Nail Gel works wonders for yellow, discolored nails, and its new Callex® Ointment uses the power of natural plant enzymes to moisturize and exfoliate rough, flaking skin from heels and feet.

Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation, says, “I hear from many individuals who have suffered with being embarrassed about how their feet look for years. It is often a wife or husband who takes the initiative to help their spouse find a solution. Wearing sandals again, or going to the beach and pool this summer without the embarrassment of yellow, discolored toenails or rough, cracked heels is easy to attain with a few changes to one’s morning routine!”

Recommended by podiatrists around the country, NonyX Nail Gel rids nails of their yellow or dark discoloration by exfoliating the source of the problem – keratin debris buildup under the nail. Dark, yellow or thick keratin debris can build up under nails over time, causing them to lose their clear, healthy-looking appearance. Patented NonyX Gel softens, breaks down and then clears out this unattractive keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid. NonyX Gel is also safe for diabetic use.

Comments from users of NonyX Gel may be what your Valentine is really thinking: “My husband’s toes were terrible looking but they have already started to change…I know that ugly toenails is such a small thing to worry about but we do because it is so ugly.” “My husband is using NonyX and it’s doing wonders.” “My husband had this ugly toenail for 25 years and now, since using NonyX, it’s clearing up beautifully.” “Nonyx Gel is a great product! My husband bought a bottle and his nails are clearing up. We started sharing his bottle.”

According to Dr. Jack Morgan, a leading California podiatrist and podiatric surgeon, “Whether young or old, my patients care very much about the appearance of their feet. When a person’s feet are unattractive to the opposite sex, it can dramatically affect their self-confidence.” He adds, “I’ve had patients who even slept with their socks on. Sometimes a spouse will be asked to sleep with socks on, to prevent the scratching that can come from unattractive, thick toenails.”

A recent clinical study confirmed NonyX Nail Gel significantly improves toenail color and clarity by exfoliating yellowing keratin debris from under the nail, and is safe for use by diabetics. To view a recent TV news release on NonyX Gel, go to

Newly patented Callex Ointment has been shown in consumer studies to significantly reduce callus, dry, flaking skin and cracking on soles and heels within 15 to 30 days, and is safe for diabetic use. Acid-free Callex contains natural plant enzymes that exfoliate callus and rough, flaky skin, while leaving normal skin completely unaffected.

Both NonyX Nail Gel and Callex Ointment are recommended by podiatrists, including Dr. Morgan, who says, “Among the many products for dry feet, only Callex contains natural plant enzymes, which have proven to be remarkably effective for softening and thinning calluses, exfoliating dry cracked heels and moisturizing dry, scaling skin.”

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, Drug Emporium and most Medicine Shoppe drugstores. It is also available from podiatric physicians, independent pharmacies, and

Callex Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Longs DrugsFree Articles, from podiatric physicians and online at and

Play Cupid this Valentine’s Day and enjoy those sexy feet this spring!

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