Makeup is a powerful tool for transformation. Every girl knows that makeup can change your face completely and I’m not talking about the makeup for themed parties or Halloween. Even if there are some scars on the skin, makeup may hide everything. Practice a bit and you will be able to create new looks that will amaze all your friends. They will be exited by the result as some transformations could unbelievable. Besides, makeup is a cool way to express yourself and show the world the way you feel. Yes, makeup may boost a woman’s self-esteem. Check out this video and you will find incredible transformations that will inspire you. You will love these “before: and “after” looks we prepared for you. You will even find a cool makeup transformation for men! Stop doing everything and watch this breathtaking video!
The next makeup tutorials will help you to get prepared for themed parties and Halloween. You will learn how to create fake scars, pimples, and wrinkled face. My favorite idea is to make Joker makeup. Also, you will learn a makeup idea that will make you look older.
As a bonus, find makeup ideas that will ease your life. If you have bought a foundation of incorrect tone, you can change the tone by adding a few drops of melted lipstick. If you need to hide pimples and foundation doesn’t help, we know how to solve this problem. Add some powder to the foundation and properly stir. This mixture will perfectly hide pimples.

00:09 Makeup transformation
02:23 Grandma makeup transformation
04:37 Halloween makeup ideas
06:03 Fake scars
09:58 Snakeskin lip art
10:37 How to hide pimples


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