The Ramsond RMM4 Nailer And Stapler

This Ramsond Nailgun and Stapler is
without doubt a great tool for hard wood flooring. Its unique air powered
design can deliver cleat nails as well as staples.  The Patented
designs as well as comfortable ergonomics make large flooring projects a piece
of pie. .

The Ramsond RMM4 Nail Gun and Stapler is the ideal assistant for your flooring project. It
operates via 60-120 PSI compressed air through a standard ¼ inch NPT fitting.
The innovative and patented design of this nailgun does the job of two tools.
The RMM4 nailer allows the user to shoot both staples and cleat nails, all with
out changing magazines. Ensuring your flooring project is tackled efficiently
while provided expert results.

This nailgun provides expert results
every time. The angle and the direction of either the nail or cleat are
automatically aligned before every fire. A slight tap of the hammer powerfully
secure the wood panel at the correct depth and angle.

This pneumatic nail gun
boasts two patented air boost chambers. As with most flooring nailguns, the
RMM4 stores compressed air within the tool. The nail gun impressively
continuously stores air in both cylinders; this ensures that the fastner is
shot with enough power to penetrate any wood. The extra store compressed air
also aid quicker retraction of the blade compared to competitors units.

Mr. A.Skig (VA Beach, VA) had this
to say:

 “As most other people who
bought this flooring nailer, I couldn’t justify spending 400 plus on the
Bostich or Porter Cable. I don’t like renting tools from the home improvement
stores because I like the freedom to use the tools whenever I want so I can do
the job at my own pace. I gave it 4 stars because when I first hooked up the
air supply, I heard some air leaking from where the handle meets the body of
the nailer. I found that some of the bolts were not fastened down all the way.
I just took the wrench that was supplied and tighten the bolts and it hasn’t
leaked air since. The other reason for 4 stars is that the logo’s and SN are
just stickers, and the user manual is not that great for beginners like me. As
far as the functioning of the nailer, it gets 6 stars! I put down 3/4 inch
pre-finished oak floor and the RMM4 worked perfect without a single misfire!
Overall, I would recommend this tool in a heartbeat, especially to those who
are trying to decide whether or not to buy or rent.”

Over all the Ramsond RMM4
is very good value compared to its more expensive competitors. The flexibility,
features, and workmanship make this unit a very good value. Even if you rented
one of these units from a home improvement store would end up costing more
moneyFree Articles, and gives you a more limited time period to complete your flooring

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