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hello friends! it’s been so long since i’ve actually typed up a letter for you. i’m sitting in lecture doing this (lmao chaotic evil) but o well. it’s senior year.

i’m currently working on job applications, which has been a little bit stressful. i don’t want to go into engineering/physics, but actually design/creating beautiful things that people will be interacting with! it’s been a lot of work to compile my portfolio, write cover letters, assemble an up to date resume, etc. but i’m so excited to finally graduate and move on to the next chapter of my life 🙂

anyways, that’s it for me today. i hope you guys are having a great day 🙂

much love,

⌁ things in the video ⌁
coffee things:
white shirt:
overalls: (similar)
socks: (similar)

⌁ faq ⌁
~ where do u go to school? uc davis!
~ what are you studying? applied physics!
~ where did you get _______? it’s either linked up there, or in this blog post (
~ is your hair real? yeeep. i dont understand either
~ what ethnicity are you? 100% korean (hence, the seoul search)

⌁ help me stay caffinated ⌁

⌁ playlists ⌁
⋆ study playlist:
⋆ chill playlist:
⋆ good vibes playlist:

⌁ free things ⌁
⋆ everlane:
⋆ glossier (get 10% off):

⌁ other places on the internet i hang out ⌁
Instagram: @TheSeoulSearch
For Business Use: [email protected]

◇ ◇ ◇

– Final Cut Pro X
– Motion 5
– Fujifilm XT-3
– iPhone XS

– Logic Pro X
– Behringer Studio Condensor Microphone C-1
– Scarlet 2i2
– Canon G7X Mark II

– Affinity Photo
– Affinity Designer
– Lightroom

◇ ◇ ◇

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