Chloe Watson – Reality (Live Performance)

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A Chloe Watson original this was performed at The Composers Showcase of Las Vegas LIVE at The Smith Center. This original song performed by all the best musicians in town
Piano-Keith Thompson,
BVs-Niki Scalera, Sam Holder
Bass-Josh Jones
Drums-Mark Ferratt
Cello-David Warner.

If you live in or visiting Vegas and haven’t seen a Composer’s Showcase, catch all the info at


My thoughts are hurricanes in my head
Like a wind blowin in and out again
There no escapin from feeling forsaken, I feel like I’m drowning from head to toe
Lungs full of water I’m feel like I’m to float away
from reality
we call
The world thru my eyes isblack and white
Tell me truths I always see as lies
I can’t undo it
I’m lost in my torment
I feel like I’m drownin head to toe
Head above the water
I’m ready to float
From reality
From reality
we call home
I feel like I’m drownin’ head to toe.
Lungs full of water I’m ready to float to float…

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