Clear Ombre w/ Mylar Foil Flakes Full Set | Acrylic Nail Tutorial | Hand Filing

Here I am doing a long coffin colored acrylic full set with a blue/ milky white to clear ombre. The nails also have encapsulated mylar foils as accent nails. ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿพ

To start, her cuticles were pushed back, the free edge of her nails were filed, and the nail plates were etched and dehydrated. Her nails were sized with clear colored tips and were applied. I started filming after her nail tips were applied and shaped into a tapered square look. The tips were blended, dehydrated, and primed.

I applied the blue and milky white acrylics in an ombre like fashion, fading them into the clear tip. I then applied iridescent mylar foil pieces to the pointer and ring fingers. Lastly, I encapsulated all of the nails in clear acrylic. I went on to even out my acrylic canvas with the 80 grit side of my file. I reshaped and flattened the tip of the nails with the 100 grit side. I made the nails clearer by running over them with a medium bit while using my e-file. I then buffed and proceeded to apply the Swarovski crystals with the jewelry gel. I top-coated the nails and made sure to seal in the corners of my stones with the topcoat.

This acrylic nail video was created by me, a self taught nail tech, that can help beginner, intermediate, or advanced nail tech with acrylic application or even design ideas. This how to do acrylic nails video is strictly for entertainment and not educational purposes.

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