Laura Lee Drama • Pizza Hut New Stuffed Cheez-It • MUKBANG

So Laura Lee just did something crazy and I’d like to speak up on it. Here’s my thoughts while eating.
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Hey little sloths! So after watching the laura lee apology video and seeing all the drama she had with Manny MUA and Jeffree star, I wasn’t sure what to think about her. But she uploaded a video called “why we adopted my niece Eryn” and it definitely made look at her again. I was shocked by what she said. Lots of drama there but I wanted to give you the tea. Today I’m eating the brand NEW Pizza Hut Cheetz-it stuffed pizza. I also have a pizza hut pasta dish, Pizza hut classic pepperoni pizza, some boneless garlic parmesan wings, and that’s it! Yep, going small today LOL I hope you enjoy my beauty guru drama video and sharing my thoughts about Laura Lee. Thanks!
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