5 Day Pilates Yoga Fusion Intensive with Claire Petretti Marti

Ready to combine two of your favorite mind-body practices for twice the benefits? This 5-day intensive intelligently combines Pilates and functional core work with Vinyasa Yoga. Not only will you strengthen your abs, your back, and your entire body, you’ll increase suppleness, grace, and flexibility.

Both Pilates and Yoga are powerful methods for optimum fitness and help create a lean, aligned physique and a relaxed mindset. While the practices are notably different, they are also highly complementary. Claire effortlessly fuses these two modalities and will have you reaping the benefits of creating a powerful center, alleviating back pain, preventing injury, increasing mobility, and relieving stress.

Each class in this series has a unique focus and approach to work every muscle from head to toe. All of the classes complement each other, and will help you refine your lower body, strengthen your core, and create a healthier spine. Claire’s encouraging guidance will challenge you in an accessible and effective way.

With 5 days of strong and consistent practice, you will stand taller, feel more confident, and be more supple and streamlined. Don’t miss this fun immersion into Pilates and Yoga with Claire.

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