How to Make Health Potion Dice Rollers

In this video I go over the process of creating your own Health Potion Dice Rollers / Props for your d&d game!

I have seen a ton of people selling these on Instagram and Twitter, and I thought… You know what… I bet I can make those for my players as gifts for pretty dang cheap. So I did! (Also Matt Mercer from Critical Role uses them in his games, so I think that’s pretty freaking cool all on its own.)

In this video I use Resin, a glass jar/vial, some twine, parchment nametags, and dice. That’s pretty much it! It really is a simple and quick build, something that you can do in about 20 minutes worth of work, it might just take a day or two for your resin to cure.

As I mentioned in the video, safety is something that I have neglected to talk on in my videos. I honestly was not prepared to be a voice in the community of tabletop DIY’s that people took seriously, and as such I have found myself woefully unprepared in the way of explaining the safety precautions of working with some of the stuff that I do in my videos. I will try my best to be better at this! Please let me know if there are other ways I can make you feel more comfortable/safe and I will try and implement them. The last thing I want is for someone to come away feeling uninformed.

With all that being said, make sure you do research on your own, and always take the proper safety precautions. Check out the safety info on any and all resin that you work with and really familiarize yourself with the stuff.

Here is a link to the SDS for the Art N’ Glow resin that I use in my video:—Fs53BH7oVxW0Sz7MZF_OKvwylVFc4OS4KGkvMx9tYdWdpItN4
As well as a link to their safety portion of their website:

Below are Amazon Affiliate links to all the materials that I use in the video, as well as the Safety Materials that I mention. (You should get those, but you might be able to find them cheaper locally.)

Art N Glow Resin:
Bulk Red D4’s:
Set of 12 Jars/Vials:

Nitrile Gloves:
Respirator Rated for Vapors:

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